Season 8, Episode 9 : : : July 7Vic Steinman

Vic Steinman joins the show for a conversation about what he's learned about himself during the pandemic, setting boundaries for working from home and supporting small businesses during the quarantine.

July 2Melita Tirado

Melita talks about designing with intention, learning to trust their love of art and the causes that are most important to them.

June 30Hannah Reilly

Hannah Reilly joins the show for a chat about "tricking people" into hiring her for copywriting, fighting with perfectionism and getting your creative practice out into the world.

June 25Glossblack

Glossblack is on the show for a conversation about his new studio, transitioning from graffiti art to murals and how he collaborates with clients.

June 22Kees Holterman

Kees joins the show for a conversation about his new zine, staying productive during the quarantine and his dream of owning a row boat.

June 18James Everhart

James talks about staying productive during the pandemic, having an unconventional path towards design and why adding a personal touch goes a long way.

June 16Miriam Singer

Miriam Singer talks about why she finds her drawings nostalgic, being more intentional with her time and how quarantine has thrown off her limits on social media consumption.