Season 14, Episode 7 : : : May 28Jess Goldsmith

Jess Goldsmith is an illustrator and lettering artist born and bred in NYC. Her work is colorful, and fun and invokes the sense of humor and playfulness that she's known for. She has created work for Adobe, Hulu, Microsoft, Pinterest, Amazon, and more. She is also the owner, curator, and author of Women of Type, a community that exists to amplify the work of women and nonbinary creatives in the lettering and type industry. Women of Type serves as a hub for members to share their work, find artists to connect with, and provide paid opportunities for those starting out in the industry. The Women of Type Book is available worldwide and showcases the work of over 130 artists from 20+ countries, spanning 5 continents as a creative collaboration to celebrate letters, colors, and the power of the written word. Jess joins the show to discuss how she "accidentally" created this community, the responsiblity of curating the channel and the importance of practicing an artistic discipline you don't get paid for.

Season 14, Episode 6 : : : May 14Ian Barnard

Ian Barnard is a hand lettering artist and calligrapher with a passion for inspiring, entertaining and helping people to get better at their lettering skills through videos on his Instagram and Youtube channels. He also creates and sells digital lettering brushes for the iPad and creates custom lettering and typefaces for clients. Ian talks about how he got his start with hand lettering, the role his digital products play in his career and keeping your passion when your hobby becomes your profession. Plus, listen for a special announcement at the end of the episode!

Season 14, Episode 5 : : : April 30Huyen Dinh

Huyen Dinh is a Viet lettering artist, illustrator, and author of How to be a Rule-Breaking Letterer. Known on the internet for her pink pastel palette and wiggly lettering with quirky messages, she enjoys making the world colorful with brands like Facebook, Canon, LG, Cotton Natural, and more. She’s also interested in helping other artists by sharing freelance and digital art tips on her social media. She also wants to inspire other female Asian artists to embrace their heritage and stand against social expectations. Huyen joins the show for a conversation about self-care, pole-dancing, embracing imperfection and why some people think she "looks like her art."

Season 14, Episode 4 : : : April 16Thom Niessink

Thom Niessink is a Dutch graphic designer focused on lettering, type design and illustration. Throughout his career he developed a true passion for typography and custom lettering. Inspired by vintage magazines, signs and postcards from the 50’s and 60’s, his way of working is almost completely digital, using the iPad as a digital sketchbook. Combining retro and contemporary letterforms with subtle paper textures and color pallets he creates appealing compositions with a consistent typographic rhythm. Thom joins the show for a conversation about adjusting to freelance lifestyle, finding inspiration for a typeface from a sign for his great grandfather's vegetable and fruit shop and what television shows he's currently binging while he works.

Season 14, Episode 3 : : : April 2Alanna Flowers

Alanna Flowers is the lettering artist and designer behind AGF Design Studio. She creates engaging work for brands like Adobe, American Greetings and The Los Angeles Times. When she’s not creating for clients she’s busy helping fellow creatives who are interested in learning about lettering, digital art, and freelance through her YouTube channel and Instagram. Alanna joins the show for a conversation about the publication of her first book “Love Letters: An Alphabet of Affirmations,” as well as using her lettering to open up larger conversations on topics and causes that matter to her. Plus, Alanna and Ryan bond over being “yearbook nerds.”

Season 14, Episode 2 : : : March 19Dan Lee

Dan Lee is a hand lettering artist and graphic designer who’s always chasing ways to tell better stories and to work with creative people who are passionate about excellence. Raised right here in Philadelphia, Dan actually got a dual Bachelors & Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University, but his love for drawing could not be contained and instead he forged a career in design that has taken him from Philly to Wyoming. Dan joins the show to discuss creating compositions, why it’s important to share your processes and — as we coin it in this episode — “The Lee Equation.”

Season 14, Episode 1 : : : March 5Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische has had an extraordinary career as a lettering artist, designer, illustrator, author and as of last fall, store owner. She’s collaborated with established brands to reinvigorate their logos. She’s worked with the likes of Wes Anderson and Dave Eggers. She’s written several books including "In Progress" — which gave a glimpse inside her sketchbook and provided her detailed process from lettering sketches to final product — as well as her children’s books “Tomorrow I Will Be Brave” and “Tomorrow I Will Be Kind.” Her newest book, “My First Book of Fancy Letters” is coming out this fall from Penguin Random House. Jessica joins the podcast for the first episode of the Lettering Series to talk about her new book, her process for refreshing logos and being present in her local community.

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The Retouch : : : February 26Calan

Calan is back on the show to talk about her CLIO award-winning short film "Black Women Are Resting" as well as her new book "Edwin Eats an Edible" and more.

The Retouch : : : February 13James Everhart

James Everhart joins the show to talk about the new Cosmic Guilt album, "Palace of Depression" as well as his design work with Human Robot Brewery.

The Retouch : : : January 30James Viola

James Viola comes back on the show to talk about fatherhood, meditation and miniature painting.

January 2ndChristine Sheller

On this week's Retouch, Ryan chats with Christine Sheller about her recent move to LA as well as her recent work exploring how AI and UX intersect.

December 19Allan Peters

On this episode Ryan catches up with Allan Peters about his new book, Logos That Last.

December 5PhilaMrkt

On the inaugural episode of The Retouch Ryan talks with Mario Zucca, Steve DeCusatis and Josh Carter about the upcoming PhilaMrkt, December 16th from 11am–5pm at Kismet, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

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Season 3, Episode 4Tim Gough

Tim Gough joins the podcast for a talk about the influence screen printing has on his work, control vs. nuance and seeing your work on a tire cover.

Season 5, Episode 9Lauren Cat West

Lauren Cat West joins the show for a conversation about making something out of the inordinary, asking the right questions of a client and banana cars that fart.

Season 13, Episode 9Joe Boruchow

Ryan talks with Joe about the new show, working within constraint and not being as "weird" as people think he should be.

Hi-Res Daily 30Patrick Macomber

Fan favorite Patrick Macomber returns to the show during the run of daily episodes to catch up during the early weeks of the pandemic.

Season 6, Episode 9Kim Lincon

Kim Lincon joins the show for a conversation about how she built her client base, what excites her about branding projects and her three rules when it comes to her work.

Season 3, Episode 11Rashid Zakat

Rashid Zakat joins the show for an expansive conversation about new outlets for creativity and content, the awkwardness of meeting people through social media, being a “preditor” and just about everything else, (Moonlight, WWF and more)!

Season 2, Episode 6The Heads of State

Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers sit down with Ryan at Indy Hall for a conversation about Instagram, the challenges of constraint and Bob Dylan.

Season 5, Episode 13Jessie Jay

Jessie Jay joins the show for a conversation about doing work for small businesses, design as a compulsion and how much a fully stacked iPod would be worth in a post-apocalyptic world.

Season 11, Episode 5Jim Houser

Jim joins the show for a conversation about painting skateboard decks, working on a show during the pandemic and why he recommends artists give away their work.

Season 10, Episode 16Marisa Velazquez Rivas

Marisa joins the show for a conversation about why we need more fine artists in design, actively bringing positivity to her work and why the Philly street art community is so special.

Season 2, Episode 2Dan Gneiding

Dan Gneiding joins the show for a conversation on creating typefaces, doodling and the origins of his alias, Grayhood.

Season 12, Episode 1King Saladeen

King Saladeen discusses the advantages being an athlete gave him in his art career, killing your ego and why giving back to the community is so important.

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Season 13, Episode 8Loveis Wise

Loveis Wise talks about bringing meditation into their work, making connections with other people and creating a new podcast.

Season 2, Episode 16Mario Zucca

Ryan and Mario sit down for a discussion on struggling with concept, creating portraits of strangers and delving into the discography of T-Rex.

Season 8, Episode 14Allen & Susan Crawford

Allen and Susan Crawford join the show to talk about their brilliant careers, including the one that combined their love of marine biology with their love of illustration.

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Season 2, Episode 18Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate joins the show for a conversation on public speaking, hustle and corn smut.

Season 4, Episode 4Rodney Ibarra

After Ryan geeks out on Rodney, he sticks around to talk about his origins in graffiti art, the importance of knowing letterforms and what inspires him to experiment.

Season 9, Episode 12Jay Roeder

Friend of the show Jay Roeder returns to the show to wrap up 2020 with a conversation about his new book, "Harry Potter Hand Lettering," becoming a parent during a pandemic and the struggle of keeping up with peak television.

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Season 6, Episode 13Shauna Pancyzszyn

Shauna Lynn joins the show for a conversation about showing vulnerability online, bad reposting habits and how a poster she illustrated for Josh Grobin became one of her favorite stories about her career.

Hi-Res Daily 28Allan Peters

Allan Peters joined the show during the run of Hi-Res Daily episodes to talk about his work and experiences during the beginning of the pandemic.

Season 6, Episode 6Marisol Ortega

Marisol joins the show for a conversation about bouncing between design and illustration, why she enjoys working with her hands and late-night design mishaps.

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Season 10, Episode 26Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman returns to the show to discuss her new book, "Why Design Matters: Conversations with the World’s Most Creative People," as well as why she enjoys teaching online, why she initially thought she was a terrible interviewer and what her conversations with Stephen Heller over the course of doing the show have taught her.

Season 9, Episode 24Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon joins the show to talk about her new book, "You Will Leave a Trail of Stars," as well as inviting people into the conversation, the evolution of her style and connecting through vulnerability.

Season 10, Episode 28Paula Scher

Paula Scher joins the show for a conversation about some of her newest work, as well as her experiences during the pandemic, her time at Tyler School of Art, designing album covers, what she likes about environmental design and what she discovered about New York City without traffic.

Hi-Res Daily 23Ken Barber

Ken Barber joined the show during the Hi-Res Daily run to discuss his new book, the House Industries Lettering Manual.

Season 10, Episode 17Tad Carpenter

Ryan and Tad talk Philly and Kansas City sport connections, growing up with creatives as parents and figuring out how to tell your story visually.

Season 12, Episode 7Matthew Zaremba

Matthew Zaremba joins the show for the season finale to discuss processing how people interpret his work, AI art and toxic positivity