Tuesday, July 9 : : : Episode 119Mark Likosky

…on finding what makes people approachable.

Mark Likosky is a photographer whose dedicated himself to portraiture and he brings a sense of honesty to a wide array of subjects, including entrepreneurs, start-up professionals and Jiu Jitsu fighters. He has dedicated himself to Jiu Jitsu as well and also documents the sport through a visual diary on Instagram. Plus, he’s tapped into the strange phenomenon of Arctic Splash boxes littered around Fishtown with his Arctic Trash feed. Mark joins the show for a conversation about how being a photographer is like being a dentist, what being a father means to him, trashvertising and photographing kittens.

Episode 118Marisol Ortega

Marisol talks about bouncing between design and illustration, why she enjoys working with her hands and late-night design mishaps.

Episode 117Michele Cooper

Michele Cooper joins the show for a discussion about her recent AIGA Philadelphia Fellow Award and the We the Women poster series.

Episode 116James Curran

James joins the show for a conversation about making fun of himself through animation, meme culture and credit and creating “gifathons.”