Thursday, August 29Best of Season Five

We're taking a look back at the fifth season of the show before we kick off the sixth season of the show next week. Listen to some highlights from this past season's guests Lauren Cat West, Hawk Krall, Caleb Heisey, Jp Flexner, Jessie Jay, Soonduk Krebs, Kevin Mercer, Keith Warren Greiman, Molly Egan, Chris Reif, Saul Rosenbaum, Kelly Clawson, Erich Weiss, Natalie Hands, Brandon McArdle, James Curran, Michele Cooper, Marisol Ortega, Mark Likosky, Brian LaRossa, Kim Lincon and Alex Griendling. 

Tuesday, October 1 : : : Episode 125Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

…on finding your cadence.

Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn is a hand lettering artist and illustrator, working with clients such as Samsung, Publix, Adobe, Seventeen Magazine, Microsoft, and many others. Her Instagram feed is filled not only with her incredible work but also inspiring words of advice and encouragement for other designers and artists. Shauna joins the show for a conversation about showing vulnerability online, bad reposting habits and how a poster she illustrated for Josh Grobin became one of her favorite stories about her career.

Episode 124Johnny Zito & Tony Trov

The founders of South Fellini talk font crushes, how working on comics informed their filmmaking and that time Bryce Harper crashed their site.

Episode 123Josh Goldblum

Josh talks about creating the conditions for the team to create their best work, making museums more accessible and memories of the Troc.

Episode 122Alex Griendling

Ryan and Alex go down some pop culture rabbit holes, discussing everything from Boba Fett costumes, Lost, Fortnite and, oh, some design talk too.