Tuesday, November 20 : : : Episode 101Lauren Cat West

…on the adventure of figuring something out.

Lauren Cat West is a designer and illustrator with a distinctive style and a mischievous sense of humor that fuels her creative work. She worked in agency settings before striking out on her own as a talented illustrator and muralist. She joins the show for a conversation about making something out of the inordinary, asking the right questions of a client and banana cars that fart.

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December 2PhilaMRKT 2018

Recorded live at PhilaMRKT 2018, on November 24 at the First Unitarian Church, I browsed the wares of the Philly design community and caught up with several past guests of the show as well as some future guests. If you didn't have a chance…

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November 1Eligio Sgaramella & Anthony Groves

Back to where it all began, I reconnect with the first guests I ever had on the show to catch up with what they've been up to since they took a chance on being on my fledgling little podcast…

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October 2Sam Heimer

It's our Halloween episode with illustrator and horror-enthusiast Sam Heimer! We talk pumpkin beers, head wounds, Hitchcock movies, the movie Sam has to watch every Halloween, why Alien 3 is an underrated movie and the current state…

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Tuesday, November 6 : : : Episode 100The 100th Episode

…on celebrating the process.

Since 2015, we've showcased Philadelphia’s creative community through in-depth interviews, exploring how people developed their creativity, their first experiences in a creative field and their most compelling work. Now we're taking a look back at the designers, photographers, illustrators and creative thinkers who got us to 100 episodes. Plus, I share my thoughts on starting the show, how mistakes are part of the process and why you need to get started on your own idea — right now.

Episode 99Grady Hendrix

Author Grady Hendrix talks about why writing is the loneliest art form, zombie stress dreams and why horror is a woman’s genre.

Episode 98James Heimer

James shares his first memories of Halloween, how screen printing influences his work and why taking walks around his neighborhood helps his creative process.

Episode 97Jay Roeder

Jay joins the show for a conversation about his book on hand-lettering, where he gets his inspiration for the phrases he hand-letters and embracing imperfection.