Season 10, Episode 10 : : : June 8Craig Welsh

Craig Welsh joins the show to talk about majoring in architecture despite all the signs that he should have pursued design, continuing to evolve and grow after school, how personal projects fuel his client work, what you can learn about American culture through the Beastie Boys and the hypothetical question he asks during interviews that is the most telling about a designer's personality.

June 1Rob Reed

Rob Reed joins the show for a conversation about being away on a shoot when the lockdown started, the supportive advice his mother gave him when he was choosing a career, how One Trick Pony got started and its legacy of designers in the Philadelphia design community.

May 25Ryan Strand Greenberg

Ryan Strand Greenberg joins the podcast for a chat about showcasing his work in an unlikely location, inviting people into the process, his feelings on the future and getting some surfing in before a morning meeting.

May 18Fabiola Lara

Fabiola Lara joins the show for a conversation about moving to Philly during the pandemic, creating Giphy stickers for LatinX Heritage Month, pushing herself to cultivate a different creative style and discovering her resilience during the pandemic.

May 11Jeremy Friend

Jeremy Friend joins the show for a conversation about how he pursued a career in design after serving in the military, why he pushes against having a specific "style," exploring new programs to bring your work to life, and why "done" is not better than "perfect."

May 4Jené Adams

Jené Adams joins the show for a conversation about starting her own YouTube channel, why she wants to help designers find inspiration, bringing animation to her work and creating art to recognize African American trailblazers who don’t get as much recognition during Black History Month, (and getting to meet one of them in person).

April 27Nilé Livingston

Nilé Livingston joins the show for a conversation about curiosity and her interest in understanding the world and translating it into something people can relate to. She also discusses creating public art at the beginning of the pandemic, capturing how overwhelming 2020 was in her work and her love of Nina Simone. Plus, Nilé tries to explain NFTs to Ryan.