Season 8, Episode 22 : : : September 15Timothy O'Donnell

Timothy O'Donnell joins the show for a chat about moving to the UK for his dream job, reinterpreting Kid A and the problems with Quarantine beards.

September 8Ryan Lynn

Ryan Lynn joins the show for a conversation about the moment he decided to do illustration full-time, taking a more positive approach towards his Masks for Freedom poster series and his ultimate drive-in movie double-feature.

September 1Angela Rio

Angela Rio joins the show for a conversation about raising a five-month-old puppy, how she finds her work therapeutic, her appreciation of past eras and why she is proud to be living in 2020.

August 25Renée Walker

Renée Walker joins the show for a conversation about informational design, how process informs her work and the detour that she took away from design early in her career.

August 18Natalie Nixon, Phd

Live from the AIGA Philadelphia @in Conference for In-House Creatives, Ryan catches up with friend of the show Natalie Nixon about her new book, The Creativity Leap, something new she's started during the pandemic and how all humans are inherently creative.

August 11Matt Bouloutian

Friend of the show Matt Bouloutian returns to the show for a catch-up about taking credit for your work in public, fighting for brands, poetry and our workout regimens during the pandemic.

August 4Emmanuel Wisdom

Emmanuel Wisdom joins the show for a chat about seeking understanding through art, finding inspiration in Michaelangelo and learning to listen to himself.