Season 10, Episode 20 : : : September 14Jon Krause

Jon Krause is an award-winning freelance illustrator from Philadelphia, and he joins the show for a conversation about why he started working digitally, the best harsh feedback he ever got from an art director that challenged him to change his approach to his work and learning to adapt when his work environment changed.

September 6Sabrina Pfautz

Sabrina Pfautz is a Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Push 10, a branding agency in Philadelphia, PA. She joins the show for a conversation about finding efficiencies to bring out more creativity, introducing the concept of play into her work and the importance of being able to disconnect.

August 31Rita Carroll

Rita Carroll is an illustrator, designer and partner at Runhouse, a branding, marketing and event production agency focused on the running industry and active lifestyle. Rita joins the show for a conversation about the importance of maintaining connections, making playlists at the beginning of a project and designing for all the minutia of a running event.

August 24Tad Carpenter

Tad Carpenter is a designer, illustrator, author and teacher based in Kansas City, Missouri. He joins the show to discuss his new book, "Sunday Suns," a collection of work from his Instagram series that he started in 2015, in which he creates a new sun illustration every Sunday. Ryan and Tad also talk Philly and Kansas City sport connections, growing up with creatives as parents and figuring out how to tell your story visually.

August 17Marisa Velázquez-Rivas

MarisaVelázquez-Rivas is an award-winning design director, illustrator and street artist and she joins the show for a conversation about why we need more fine artists in design, actively bringing positivity to her work and why the Philly street art community is so special.

August 10Jim Walls

Jim Walls is one of the founding partners of Truth and Consequences, an employee-owned branding agency in Philadelphia, and he joins the show for a conversation about defining what kind of agency they wanted to be, working with clients you like, paying people a livable wage, how agencies can band together, one of his first jobs at TV Guide and working his way through the 100 greatest novels of the twentieth century.

August 3Michelle Yzaguirre

Michelle Yzaguirre is a video producer and editor, currently working with Heavy in Philadelphia, and for the first episode back from the summer hiatus she joins the show for a conversation about working on projects that make people happy, finding confidence in her work in the face of adversity and watching Die Hard in reverse.