Season 8, Episode 15 : : : July 28Paul Carpenter

Paul Carpenter joins the show to talk about how skateboarding, punk and sports all affected his aesthetic, getting lost in the details and his work with Philly Unknown and his appreciation for both green and urban spaces.

July 23Allen & Susan Crawford

Allen and Susan Crawford join the show to talk about their brilliant careers, including the one that combined their love of marine biology with their love of illustration. We also talk about our favorite "hot" movies, memories of the Philadelphia Independent, Lord Whimsey and that time Malcolm McDowell hit on Susan while she was dressed as a werewolf…you're just going to have to listen to this one folks!

July 21Laurie Churchman

Laurie joins the show to chat about how book design is her passion, being quarantined in Peru, Zoom fatigue and how design can be a superpower.

July 16Nathan Hurst

Nathan Hurst joins the show for a conversation about challenging yourself to stay productive during the pandemic, Saturday morning cartoons and using your work to bring community together.

July 14Brian Box Brown

Brian Box Brown joins the show to talk about his new book Child Star as well as doing autobiographical comics, very special episodes of sitcoms and why creatives should try to make an interesting piece of "bad" art.

July 9Katie Sweeney

Katie returns for a chat about living abroad, home schooling, advertising in the time of Corona and whether or not we're cool enough to listen to Taylor Swift.

July 7Vic Steinman

Vic chats about what he's learned about himself during the pandemic, setting boundaries for working from home and supporting small businesses during the quarantine.