Season 9, Episode 2 : : : October 13MacKenzie Kuhns

MacKenzie Kuhns joins the show for conversation about her unconventional path to a career in design, why it's important to maintain mental health to be creative, what she enjoys about branding projects and the movies she's been catching up on during quarantine. Plus, we're getting into the Halloween spirit with another edition of "Design Macabre!"

October 6Sharon M. Taylor

It's the first episode of the new season as well as the first episode of October, and we're kicking off the season with Sharon M. Taylor, discussing the Magic Wheelchair Project, lessons she learned starting her own studio, making the transition from Philly to New York, the experience of the pandemic in New York and approaching projects the right way. Plus, we kick off the first installment of "Design Macabre."

September 29Scott Laserow

We're wrapping up the eighth season of the show with poster designer, educator and now author Scott Laserow, who joins the show to discuss his new book, Making Posters: From Concept to Design as well as why poster design will never go away, the power of persuasion, and the difficulty of including his own work in the book.

September 22Daniel Eells

Daniel Eells joins the show for a conversation about creating new things on a daily basis, creating fictional album art, the importance of participating in shows and Ryan nerds out on Daniel's Jaws "lunch liners."

September 15Timothy O'Donnell

Timothy O'Donnell joins the show for a chat about moving to the UK for his dream job, reinterpreting Kid A and the problems with Quarantine beards.

September 8Ryan Lynn

Ryan Lynn joins the show for a conversation about the moment he decided to do illustration full-time, taking a more positive approach towards his Masks for Freedom poster series and his ultimate drive-in movie double-feature.

September 1Angela Rio

Angela Rio joins the show for a conversation about raising a five-month-old puppy, how she finds her work therapeutic, her appreciation of past eras and why she is proud to be living in 2020.