Tuesday, January 1 : : : Episode 104JP Flexner

…on finding rhythm in a life of design.

JP Flexner is a designer and illustrator with a gift for bringing packaging to life, whether it’s through his brilliant collection of labels for Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company or his work with Rise Up Coffee. His talent for lettering and typography goes hand-in-hand with his distinct style. He joins the show for a conversation about creating fonts out of your lettering, drawing skulls at the Mutter Museum and air-drumming while running.

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December 31James Olstein

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm so glad that you're starting 2019 with us. We're going to be talking with so many creative people from Philly and beyond this year, starting with friend of the show James Olstein. It's been a minute since we last talked…

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December 2PhilaMRKT 2018

Recorded live at PhilaMRKT 2018, on November 24 at the First Unitarian Church, I browsed the wares of the Philly design community and caught up with several past guests of the show as well as some future guests. If you didn't have a chance…

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November 1Eligio Sgaramella & Anthony Groves

Back to where it all began, I reconnect with the first guests I ever had on the show to catch up with what they've been up to since they took a chance on being on my fledgling little podcast…

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Tuesday, December 18 : : : Episode 103Caleb Heisey

…on getting out into the world.

Caleb Heisey is a designer, illustrator and educator who relies on provocative imagery, purposeful design and a strong narrative. He’s the owner and principal designer of Good Bones Studio as well as the creative force behind PA Patch Co., a project he created with the goal of creating embroidered patches commemorating all 121 PA state parks. Caleb joins the show for a conversation about his relationship with design, his internship with Pixar and being honest with students about what to expect after graduation.

Episode 102Hawk Krall

Illustrator Hawk Krall talks hot dogs, building a career while cooking 50 hours a week and the lore of the Fish Cake Wrapped Philly Combo.

Episode 101Lauren Cat West

Illustrator Lauren Cat West talks about making something out of the inordinary, asking the right questions of a client and banana cars that fart.

Episode 100The 100th Episode

A retrospective of the first 100 episodes of the podcast, showcasing Philadelphia’s designers, photographers, illustrators and creative thinkers.