Tuesday, January 29 : : : Episode 106Soonduk Krebs

…on adding that little twist.

Soonduk Krebs is the owner and founder of SK Designworks. She has made a career of creating dynamic design solutions for multinational corporations to small, local non profits. She brings a unique sense of humor to her work and strives to bring an aha moment to everything she creates. She joins the show for a conversation about Hillbilly Elegy, building a small business and committing to parenthood over her career. Please note: all puns in this episode are intended.

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February 4Early Access:
107 - Kevin Mercer

…on actively not knowing. Kevin Mercer is an illustrator, designer and educator who creates colorful, tactile, idea driven work for editorial, publishing…

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January 29Bonus Content:
Jessie Jay

Jessie Jay and I just had waaayyy too much to talk about, between graphic design, Star Wars, Marvel movies, Glass and more, that we just had to have him back…

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December 31James Olstein

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm so glad that you're starting 2019 with us. We're going to be talking with so many creative people from Philly and beyond this year, starting with friend of the show James Olstein. It's been a minute since we last talked…

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Tuesday, January 15 : : : Episode 105Jessie Jay

…on creating something timeless.

Jessie Jay is a partner and designer at True Hand Society, creating modern, dynamic branding that harkens back to a more traditional, bespoke style. He joins the show for a conversation about doing work for small businesses, design as a compulsion and how much a fully stacked iPod would be worth in a post-apocalyptic world.

Episode 104JP Flexner

JP joins the show for a conversation about creating fonts out of your lettering, drawing skulls at the Mutter Museum and air-drumming while running.

Episode 103Caleb Heisey

Caleb Heisey talks about his relationship with design, his internship with Pixar and being honest with students about what to expect after graduation.

Episode 102Hawk Krall

Illustrator Hawk Krall talks hot dogs, building a career while cooking 50 hours a week and the lore of the Fish Cake Wrapped Philly Combo.