Season 9, Episode 21 : : : February 23Keith Warren Greiman

Keith Warren Greiman returns to the show to talk about working in ProCreate, always trying to stay busy, owning a title for yourself, listening to podcasts, running into celebrities and Keith's Mr. T story.

February 16Symone Salib

Artist and illustrator Symone Salib joins the show for a chat about why she felt the need to come to Philadelphia, the concept of "manifesting," creating things with permanence, the healing effect of honoring yourself within your work and how she found out her work was inadvertently on the cover of the New York Times.

February 9Andre Rucker

Andre Rucker joins the show for a conversation about looking at down time as an opportunity, being creatively comfortable alone, introducing motion into his work and how a moment of spontaneity during a shoot led to one of his favorite images.

February 2Randi Bellamy & Cheyenne Jacobs

Randi Bellamy and Cheyenne Jacobs from Say Less Design Studio are on the show to chat about meeting in design school, how they best compliment one another, working together virtually and how their obsession with color led to their #Huesday Instagram series.

January 26Christian Debuque

Christian Debuque joins the show for a conversation about his experience in the military, starting a band during a pandemic and engaging with Instagram comments. Plus, Ryan challenges Christian with the hardest Simpsons' Quizzo question ever.

January 18Kailey Whitman

Illustrator Kailey Whitman joins the show for a chat about illustrating children's books, ghost illustrating, striking a work/life balance and true crime documentaries, plus Kailey's "favorite cult."

January 12Mike Smith

The last time Mike Smith was on the show he had just presented branding concepts to the Rail Park. Now he returns to discuss the evolution of the Rail Park as well as more of his work over the first five years of Smith Diction. Ryan and Mike also discuss the current state of America in the wake of last week’s attack on the Capitol, coping with the pandemic and lamentations on getting old.