Season 13, Episode 7 : : : October 17Jake Dombroski

Jake Dombroski is an artist and designer living in Philadelphia. He is currently an Art Director at Agency M. Nowadays when he’s not spending time with his wife and daughter, he can be found in the studio making art, including his collage work for his show this past spring, Legacy, an exploration in what we leave behind. The show explored the cycle of life and the traces we leave behind as human beings. He’s currently organizing and curating events with Collage Philadelphia, who will be having a show at Paradigm starting November 4th. Jake joins the show to discuss early career lessons, finding time to focus on his art and his entrepreneurial approach to Collage Philadelphia. Plus, Brian Box Brown joins the show to discuss his Kickstarter campaign to create a Legalization Nation Hardcover Book, collecting the first three years of his comic.

Season 13, Episode 6 : : : October 8Annica Lydenberg & Samantha Schutz

Annica Lydenberg and Samantha Schutz created You Are Not Alone, a public art project that inspires artists to create work in their communities, sparking hope, connection, and conversations about mental health. The goals of the project is to reduce stigma and shame around discussing mental health challenges by fostering connection through story-sharing as well as to inspire artists from around the world to join the project as they create work in their communities. The project was born out of Annica’s experience with creating murals and reader responses to Samantha’s memoir “I Don’t Want To Be Crazy.” They join the podcast for a conversation about the power of messaging on walls, how the project has been embraced by the artistic community across the world and how the message became even more important post-pandemic. Plus, fellow YANA muralist and friend of the show Rodney Ibarra returns to catch up with Ryan at the top of the show.

Season 13, Episode 5 : : : October 3Corey Brickley

Corey Brickley is an illustrator working primarily in publishing based in Philadelphia, PA. They graduated from the University of the Arts in 2015 where they have also taught illustration courses. Corey has been published in American Scientist, the Atlantic, the New York Times, the New Yorker, Playboy Magazine and more. They've produced book covers for Folio Society, HarperCollins, Penguin, Hodderscape, Disney Publishing, Algonquin Young Readers and Macmillan. They were also the lead animator for the hit Netflix documentary "Wild, Wild Country". They've won awards from 3x3 magazine, American Illustration, Communication Arts and Society of Illustrators. Corey joins the show for a conversation about A.I., spanning genres with their work and their go-to horror movies for the season. Plus, Eric Kenney joins the show to talk about the opening of his show "See-Thru" on October 6th at Space 1026.

Season 13, Episode 4 : : : September 26Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes was a prolific illustrator and screen printing artist who was a staple of the Philadelphia music and arts scenes. His work included screen-printed posters, t-shirts, album art and much more. He worked with Philly bands like Japanese Breakfast and Mannequin Pussy as well as other national touring acts passing through town, playing venues like the Fillmore, the TLA and more. He was a founding member of the Kensington warehouse artist collective and music venue The Ox. He died last year unexpectedly at 36 years old. Recorded during the opening of the show "Dan Hughes – Gig Posters" at the Fairmount House on September 8th, Ryan sits down with family and friends of Dan's as they share their memories of his life and work.

Season 13, Episode 3 : : : September 19Steve Weinik

Steve Weinik is a Philadelphia-based photographer, researcher, and writer. He is the staff photographer for Mural Arts Philadelphia, documenting the murals around the city. His work, both on and off screen on the documentary Resurrect Dead, helped earn the movie a trip to the Sundance film festival, where it won the directing award in the United States Documentary category. His photos have been published in the New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic and many more. Steve joins the show for a conversation about birding, his relationship with the city and photographing the beautiful things in the world. Plus, Frank Baseman joins the show as co-host to talk about his show at Huddle this October..

Season 13, Episode 2 : : : September 12Jen Borror

Jen Borror is an illustrator and designer and the principal of Hoot Design Studio, out of York Pennsylvania. She specializes in pen and ink artwork, brewery branding and beverage packaging design, especially craft beer labels which has become her raison d’etre since the pandemic. She was recently awarded the Gold Crushie for best hard seltzer label design at the Craft Beer Marketing Awards and she went on to collaborate with the awards show for the Make Peace Not War beer label, a customizable beer label design that any craft brewery can adopt for use with their own beverages while raising funds for Ukraine relief efforts. Jen joins the show for a conversation about breaking out of the thinking that "art is a hobby," how success shouldn’t be based on how much you accomplish or check off the list and how important interacting with people on social media is to her. Plus, Kevin Kernan from GD Loft joins the show as our first co-host for the season to chat about GD Loft's 20th anniversary as a studio.

Season 13, Episode 1 : : : September 5Douglas Ethan

By day Douglas Ethan is an Aerial Sensor Operator Manager, but by night he has become known for his work combining his calligraphy with found canvases. His work was featured recently in a show with Germantown Art and Sound and he had his own solo show this past spring at Brotherly Love gallery in Philadelphia called The Best is Nyet to Come. Ryan and Doug discuss horror movies, creating unfamiliarity with his lettering and introducing digital tools into his process.

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Season 3, Episode 4Tim Gough

Tim Gough joins the podcast for a talk about the influence screen printing has on his work, control vs. nuance and seeing your work on a tire cover.

Season 5, Episode 9Lauren Cat West

Lauren Cat West joins the show for a conversation about making something out of the inordinary, asking the right questions of a client and banana cars that fart.

Season 9, Episode 15Mike Smith

The last time Mike Smith was on the show he had just presented branding concepts to the Rail Park. Now he returns to discuss the evolution of the Rail Park as well as more of his work over the first five years of Smith Diction.

Hi-Res Daily 30Patrick Macomber

Fan favorite Patrick Macomber returns to the show during the run of daily episodes to catch up during the early weeks of the pandemic.

Season 6, Episode 9Kim Lincon

Kim Lincon joins the show for a conversation about how she built her client base, what excites her about branding projects and her three rules when it comes to her work.

Season 3, Episode 11Rashid Zakat

Rashid Zakat joins the show for an expansive conversation about new outlets for creativity and content, the awkwardness of meeting people through social media, being a “preditor” and just about everything else, (Moonlight, WWF and more)!

Season 2, Episode 6The Heads of State

Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers sit down with Ryan at Indy Hall for a conversation about Instagram, the challenges of constraint and Bob Dylan.

Season 5, Episode 13Jessie Jay

Jessie Jay joins the show for a conversation about doing work for small businesses, design as a compulsion and how much a fully stacked iPod would be worth in a post-apocalyptic world.

Season 11, Episode 5Jim Houser

Jim joins the show for a conversation about painting skateboard decks, working on a show during the pandemic and why he recommends artists give away their work.

Season 10, Episode 16Marisa Velazquez Rivas

Marisa joins the show for a conversation about why we need more fine artists in design, actively bringing positivity to her work and why the Philly street art community is so special.

Season 2, Episode 2Dan Gneiding

Dan Gneiding joins the show for a conversation on creating typefaces, doodling and the origins of his alias, Grayhood.

Season 12, Episode 1King Saladeen

King Saladeen discusses the advantages being an athlete gave him in his art career, killing your ego and why giving back to the community is so important.

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Season 5, Episode 15Molly Egan

Molly Egan joins the show for a chat about realizing she could have her own style, board games and what she’s learned about herself through creating her sketchbooks.

Season 2, Episode 16Mario Zucca

Ryan and Mario sit down for a discussion on struggling with concept, creating portraits of strangers and delving into the discography of T-Rex.

Season 8, Episode 14Allen & Susan Crawford

Allen and Susan Crawford join the show to talk about their brilliant careers, including the one that combined their love of marine biology with their love of illustration.

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Season 2, Episode 18Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate joins the show for a conversation on public speaking, hustle and corn smut.

Season 4, Episode 4Rodney Ibarra

After Ryan geeks out on Rodney, he sticks around to talk about his origins in graffiti art, the importance of knowing letterforms and what inspires him to experiment.

Season 9, Episode 12Jay Roeder

Friend of the show Jay Roeder returns to the show to wrap up 2020 with a conversation about his new book, "Harry Potter Hand Lettering," becoming a parent during a pandemic and the struggle of keeping up with peak television.

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Season 6, Episode 13Shauna Pancyzszyn

Shauna Lynn joins the show for a conversation about showing vulnerability online, bad reposting habits and how a poster she illustrated for Josh Grobin became one of her favorite stories about her career.

Hi-Res Daily 28Allan Peters

Allan Peters joined the show during the run of Hi-Res Daily episodes to talk about his work and experiences during the beginning of the pandemic.

Season 6, Episode 6Marisol Ortega

Marisol joins the show for a conversation about bouncing between design and illustration, why she enjoys working with her hands and late-night design mishaps.

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Season 10, Episode 26Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman returns to the show to discuss her new book, "Why Design Matters: Conversations with the World’s Most Creative People," as well as why she enjoys teaching online, why she initially thought she was a terrible interviewer and what her conversations with Stephen Heller over the course of doing the show have taught her.

Season 9, Episode 24Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon joins the show to talk about her new book, "You Will Leave a Trail of Stars," as well as inviting people into the conversation, the evolution of her style and connecting through vulnerability.

Season 10, Episode 28Paula Scher

Paula Scher joins the show for a conversation about some of her newest work, as well as her experiences during the pandemic, her time at Tyler School of Art, designing album covers, what she likes about environmental design and what she discovered about New York City without traffic.

Hi-Res Daily 23Ken Barber

Ken Barber joined the show during the Hi-Res Daily run to discuss his new book, the House Industries Lettering Manual.

Season 10, Episode 17Tad Carpenter

Ryan and Tad talk Philly and Kansas City sport connections, growing up with creatives as parents and figuring out how to tell your story visually.

Season 12, Episode 7Matthew Zaremba

Matthew Zaremba joins the show for the season finale to discuss processing how people interpret his work, AI art and toxic positivity