Tuesday, October 29 : : : Episode 127Luis Bravo

on being “in it.”

Luis Bravo is Creative Director for Design and Editorial at the Philadelphia Museum of art. Throughout his career he has worked on building brands and leading in-house design teams at premier nonprofit cultural arts organizations. Luis joins the show for a conversation about why he enjoys working in the non-profit arts, putting teams together and how he fell in love with Philly.

Episode 126Pat Higgins

Pat joins the show for a conversation about perseverance, protecting yourself with a contract, Universal movie monsters and breakfast cereal.

Episode 125Shauna Panczyszyn

Shauna tells us about showing vulnerability online, bad reposting habits and getting your own work recommended to you on Pinterest.

Episode 124Johnny Zito & Tony Trov

The founders of South Fellini talk font crushes, how working on comics informed their filmmaking and that time Bryce Harper crashed their site.