Season 9, Episode 8 : : : November 24Best of Season Six

We're revisiting some of the great conversations from the sixth season of the show with guests like Josh Goldblum, Johnny Zito & Tony Trov, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, Pat Higgins, Luis Bravo, Kyle Confehr, Eric Hinkley, Doogie Horner, Jim Viola, Calan Ma'lyn, Aundre Larrow, Nick Vicente, Brandon Moore and Neha Agarwal. 

November 17Elaine Knox

Elaine Knox joins the show for a conversation about what interests her most about advertising, why the Illustrator pen tool once made her cry and her desire for the design industry to take a lead on social change.

November 10Eric King

Eric King joins the show for a conversation about how he always knew he wanted to be a designer, wanting to be a jack of all trades and helping clients understand they need more than just a logo.

November 3Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans joins the show for a chat about the pros and cons of being "a jack of all trades," choosing to be happy and not being afraid to feel something.

October 27Matthew Therrian

We're wrapping up our month-long celebration of Halloween with designer and illustrator Matthew Therrian, who joins the show for a conversation about celebrating Halloween during Covid-19, making the transition from a classical musician to a fine artist, the subtle (and not so subtle) differences in Michael Myers masks, posters for fictional movies and surrounding yourself with the people you admire. Plus, the final "Design Macabre" takes a look at Famous Monsters of Filmland!

October 20Bruno Guerreiro

Bruno Guerreiro joins the show for a conversation about the impact community college made on his career, the importance of challenging your audience, getting a chance to design for your sports heroes and Ryan and Bruno bond over there love of the Ricky Gervais Podcast. Plus, another edition of "Design Macabre" and a tribute to Ed Benguiat.

October 13MacKenzie Kuhns

MacKenzie Kuhns joins the show for conversation about her unconventional path to a career in design, why it's important to maintain mental health to be creative, what she enjoys about branding projects and the movies she's been catching up on during quarantine. Plus, we're getting into the Halloween spirit with another edition of "Design Macabre!"