Season 9, Episode 14 : : : January 5Sean Rynkewicz

We're starting off the new year talking with illustrator Sean Rynkewicz about editorial illustration, how he always felt he was bound for the city, why he wants to continue learning and digging into Moby Dick. 

December 29Highlights from Hi-Res Daily

We’re revisiting highlights from this year’s run of Hi-Res Daily episodes with a look back on conversations with Jason Rothman, Jon Billet, Alex Hillman, Mel Calantropio & Meg Potoma, Ellen Manning, Lydia Nichols, Andrew Zaeh, John Antes, Nate Nichols, Dan Mall, Gena Senior, Emily Kelley, Allan Peters, Debbie Millman, Neil Binkley, Nisha Dent, Kelly Holohan, Jason Craig, Amberella, Nicole Saltzer, Dermot Mac Cormack, Thomas Foley, Chris Piascik and Christopher Lands.

December 22Jay Roeder

Friend of the show Jay Roeder returns to the show to wrap up 2020 with a conversation about his new book, "Harry Potter Hand Lettering," becoming a parent during a pandemic and the struggle of keeping up with peak television.

December 15Suzy Grimberg

Ryan catches up with his friend and former co-worker Suzy Grimberg about her promotion to Associate Creative Director at M, discovering new strengths in her role, finding inspiration in unlikely places, doing a photoshoot during COVID-19 and finding her people on "Bookstagram."

December 7Doug Huegel

Doug Heugel joins the show for a conversation about understanding your spirituality through nature, how much that connection informs his design work and his dream job of designing t-shirts for the Eagles during their Super Bowl run.

December 1Laureen Wong

Laureen Wong joins the show for a conversation about being a plant parent, designing with intent, making positivity a daily practice and getting validation in your career from your family.

November 24Best of Season Six

We're revisiting some of the great conversations from the sixth season of the show with guests like Josh Goldblum, Johnny Zito & Tony Trov, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, Pat Higgins, Luis Bravo, Kyle Confehr, Eric Hinkley, Doogie Horner, Jim Viola, Calan Ma'lyn, Aundre Larrow, Nick Vicente, Brandon Moore and Neha Agarwal.