Season 10, Episode 25 : : : October 19Joe Castro

Mighty Joe Castro is an accomplished Philadelphia based collage artist, musician (Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen) and designer. He joins the show to discuss creatively rising to the occasion during the pandemic, owning your mistakes and viewing himself as a work-in-progress.

October 11Justine Kelley

Justine Kelley is a designer and illustrator and a recent MFA grad from Tyler School of Art & Architecture for Graphic Design. She joins the show for a conversation about capturing the complexity of humans in small moments, archiving memories of the city through her work and the art of procrastination.

October 5Steve Perrong

Steve Perrong is an editor and director at Neighborhood Films in Philadelphia. He joins the show for a conversation about working on productions during the pandemic, putting yourself out there through your work and why creating work for anything Philly-related feels special. Plus, there is a winner in this season's Hi-Res Trivia, (that won't be a surprise to anyone listening all season).

September 28Bill Starkey

Bill Starkey is Executive Creative Director at quench, a food & beverage brand-building boutique. With over twenty years of experience, he has worked on brands such as Sealy Mattresses, Comcast, HBO and Under Armour, just to name a few. He joins the show for a conversation about how the fear of "the fear of failure" motivated him, why he's more interested in how ideas work and accepting navigating his destiny over controlling it.

September 21James Hultquist-Todd

Since 2011 James Hultquist-Todd has made high quality custom and retail typefaces for agencies, studios, and organizations around the world through his foundry, JTD Type. He joins the podcast for a conversation about getting his start as a tailor, the similarities between making clothing and design typography, why each typeface is its own learning experience and how he's become more aware of nature during the pandemic.

September 14Jon Krause

Jon Krause is an award-winning freelance illustrator from Philadelphia, and he joins the show for a conversation about why he started working digitally, the best harsh feedback he ever got from an art director that challenged him to change his approach to his work and learning to adapt when his work environment changed.

September 6Sabrina Pfautz

Sabrina Pfautz is a Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Push 10, a branding agency in Philadelphia, PA. She joins the show for a conversation about finding efficiencies to bring out more creativity, introducing the concept of play into her work and the importance of being able to disconnect.