Season 10, Episode 4 : : : April 27Nilé Livingston

Nilé Livingston joins the show for a conversation about curiosity and her interest in understanding the world and translating it into something people can relate to. She also discusses creating public art at the beginning of the pandemic, capturing how overwhelming 2020 was in her work and her love of Nina Simone. Plus, Nilé tries to explain NFTs to Ryan.

April 20Crystal Folkes

Crystal Folkes joins the show for a conversation about why she credits her mother for her love of UX, co-founding and launching Uplift, an online directory of Black owned businesses and entrepreneurs in Philly, finding ways to work animation into her work, avoiding movie trailers with spoilers and the new hobby she's adopted during the pandemic.

April 13Perry Shall

Perry Shall joins the show for a conversation about designing the art for the new Green Day single, the process becoming part of the aesthetic, making his work feel timeless and his massive T-shirt collection. Plus, another round of Hi-Res Trivia!

April 6Jamie Leary

We're kicking off a brand new season of the show with Jamie Leary, art director at Philadelphia Magazine. Jamie joins the show for a conversation about his work in editorial design, including work for Grid, Magnet and Philly Mag, as well as the romanticism of taking the train to work, collaborating with illustrators and photographers, the tactile experience of magazines and getting to do a photo shoot with Gritty. Plus, we kick off a season-long triva challenge between Ryan and the guests.

March 30Kelly Nichols

We're wrapping up the ninth season of the podcast with designer and illustrator Kelly Nichols, who joins the show to chat about her recent move to freelance full time as well as getting over self doubt, finding validation in the journey and how the pandemic has affected connecting with the community.

March 23Dora Cuenca

Dora Cuenca joins the podcast for a conversation about growing up in Costa Rica, the therapeutic role art plays in her life, the commission she created as part of a marriage proposal and doing a deep dive on fungi videos online. Plus, Pat Higgins hops on at the top of the show to talk about his new book, "The Covidiot Files and Other True Tales of Terror From 2020."

March 16Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon joins the show to talk about her new book, "You Will Leave a Trail of Stars," as well as inviting people into the conversation, the evolution of her style and connecting through vulnerability.