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April 8Greg Christman

Watching a Robocop marathon with Greg Christman!

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April 7Nate Nichols

Making bespoke face masks with Nate Nichols!

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April 6John Antes

Wiping down doorknobs with John Antes!

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Tuesday, March 31 : : : Episode 138Ellen Manning

…on making connections through your work

As we continue daily podcasts during social distancing, we’re happy to bring you another full episode with Ellen Manning, recorded back when people could actually be in the same room together. Ellen is a designer, illustrator and collage artist from Keller, Texas, currently residing in Philly. With her work she creates relatable portraits of people celebrating femininity and bodies and emotions. She also explores body positivity, sexuality, gender, diversity and social issues. Ellen joins the show for a conversation about allowing vulnerability in your work, using your work as an instrument for good and why there are so many raffle tickets on the streets of Philadelphia.

Tuesday, March 17 : : : Episode 137Jason Rothman

…on getting people in the room and seeing what happens.

We're back for our first full-length episode under the lockdown with Jason Rothman. Jason Rothman is a designer and creative director who has just recently relocated to Philadelphia after working for thirteen years in San Francisco honing his craft at Hub, a fully integrated strategy, design, advertising & production agency. Now, as he brings Hub to Philadelphia he’s also reaching out to the local design community in an effort to meet designers around the city, which recently led to the All Hands art show where working designers broke away from their computers to create a piece of art. Jason joins the show for a chat about how his first job changed the trajectory of his career, the benefits of a meandering path and sweating the details.

Episode 136Neha Agarwal

Neha talks about the parallels between education and consulting, being comfortable without knowing and why every day should be a dance party.

Episode 135Brandon Moore

Brandon talks about getting a late start at college, building camaraderie with a creative team and making things for yourself.

Episode 134Nick Vicente

Nick chats about challenging your professors, why he wanted to work for a smaller agency and making stuff for yourself.